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Ma Liang is a vassal of Shu. A talented young man, he was given the nickname "White Eyebrows". Together with his younger brother Ma Su, he served Liu Bei. He helped Guan Yu with the domestic affairs in the Jing Province. At the Battle of Yi Ling, he delivered encampment plans to Zhuge Liang. Though not mentioned in the games, Ma Liang was the sworn brother of Zhuge Liang.

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He had an idea. Ma Liang (Chinese: 馬良) is a supporting character in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. He is a vassal of Shu and the older brother of Ma Su.. History. Ma Liang was born in Xiangyang. He had four brothers and they were very famous in Jing Province. Yi Ji recommended Ma Liang to Liu Bei. Ma Liang was a Shu strategist..

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Ma Liang was born in Xiangyang. He had four brothers and they were very famous in Jing Province. Yi Ji recommended Ma Liang to Liu Bei. Ma Liang was a Shu strategist..

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Ma liang

PMO at Huawei. Shenzhen City, China. Telekommunikation. Huawei · Shenzhen University. 7 kontakter. Besök Ma Liangs fullständiga profil.
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Ma liang

Ma Liang and Ma Su joined Liu Bei in AD 208 when he was made Governor of Jing Province following the death of Liu Biao, and became his strategists. Ma Liang participated in his campaigns against Han Xuan, Liu Du, Jin Xuan, Zhao Fan, and Liu Zhang before serving in his invasion of Ma Liang may refer to: . People.

In the realm of Chinese martial arts, Ma Liang (馬良) also know as Ma Zizhen (馬子真, 1875-1947) would give a start to the modernization of the native martial skills following the steps of Ming General Qi Jiguang, by organizing standard material to teach them nationally (Henning, 2003). New Martial Arts of China View the profiles of people named Ma Liang.
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Discover more at chiflow.com or at store.ch El maestro de taijiquan estilo wu Ma Yue Liang, realizando tui shou.